How do I effectively manage my hair?

I have 4a/4b hair. It is soooo unbelievably unmanageable.  I'm so frustrated with it. It doesn't matter what I do it always feels dry I know it's healthy because it's has a very springy feel to it. Its not limp or feel weird when wet. Actually thats the ONLY time my hair is manageable is when it's wet. But after it dries it feels DRY and shrinks up like crazy. When wet it hangs just below my ears. Dry... It shrinks up to the top of my head. What can I do. Somebody please help me. I'm starting to lose confidence in my hair... Here are a couple photos of my hair. The first is with it dry the second is when it's wet after a co-wash...

1 Answer

You may need to start doing the LOC method and wearing stretched styles like twist outs and braid outs. I had this same problem until I started doing those two things