How do I enhance my curls and get my hair to dry?

Hello, I have a mix of 3c/4a hair. My hair is really curly after showers and I used to just apply gel to it to hold the curls. Now that my hair is fairly long (approaching shoulder length), it takes longer for the gel to dry and I basically go throughout majority of my day with damp hair. I do not like this. What can I do to make sure that my hair dries faster? I tried to replace gel with curl milk but my hair doesn't dry with that either. I have bought a diffuser but it takes way too long to even get it 70% dry. When I apply leave in conditioner it doesn't dry and just makes my hair really greasy and feels gross. Any tips on how to go about handling this? I'm a guy and usually just let my hair loose. Thanks in advance! :)

1 Answer

Try using a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment on a cool setting.