Should I be experiencing this much shedding after taking out my braids?

I took my braids out on Friday, May 1st, but then I knew I would experience major shedding ON THAT DAY. Well both yesterday and today have resulted in shedding. I would gently stretch my hair, but a piece of hair would come off. Sometimes I would find strings of hair on my clothes. And when I would moisturize my TWA, hair would come off. It was fine when I washed it.Hair came off at a reasonable rate. Is this shedding or do I need more protein? I need help.  

3 Answers

It really depends if the hair appeared to be thin/damaged and your hair naturally isn't thin It will shed. Do not be too alarmed, hair sheds every day. I noticed also when I take out my braids there is a noticeable amount of shedding but that's because of how long I kept them in . Hair is naturally meant to shed but when you have you hair covered it's not going to fall out like its supposed to. It's gonna fall out when you finally uncover your hair. If you still experience major shedding go to a doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong. Just make sure you put some sort of protein in your hair to keep it strong after being covered by those braids. Good luck .
Thank you :D I find out my hair needs more protein. Where would I incorporate it? In my shampoo, conditioner, depp conditioner,pre poo, co wash, when?
I would recommend using a protein infused deep conditioner or a protein-rich pre-poo if you need protein. Yeah, shedding a lot after braids is normal. Your hair has been kind of stressed hanging on to those heavy braids so more of it will probably seem to come out than is normal at first. That has been my experience too. Just be careful what you use. My hair does not like keratin and some other proteins (it comes out feeling dry and straw-like). So, maybe do a test on a small section on hair before trying something on your whole head. Using something with really good emolient ingredients (water, oils, butters, fatty alcohols) combined with the protein should help combat this some too.I hope that helps!