I have fine, low porosity strands. Should I style my hair wet, dry or damp?

I'm finding that as my hair gets longer it's more prone to tangling and styles just don't last as long. I'm a sucker for volume and definition and don't want to compromise either one. 

2 Answers

I style my fine hair dry/damp. By that I mean, it starts off dry and i have a spray bottle making it a little damp and spray as needed. OR if its wash day I style when my hair is like 90% dry and spray as needed. Doing it wet when your hair is already in a heavy state can cause damage to our already sensitive strands. Doing it dry with no product is the same. Damp is a good medium.I hope this helps :)
A lot of people say that for low porosity hair it's best to add products when it's damp rather than sopping wet because then more can soak in.