how can i grow thicker,fuller hair. I have 4b hair

I have been transitioning for1 year and 6 months by getting sew ins and letting my hair breathe for a few weeks then getting another. my hair has never been to full, at least not to what I remember because I dont remember anything before my perm and only see pictures of my with my full head of hair. before I start to chop and actually wear my hair, i want it to be full and thick so that I can have a variety of styles. I want something close to the youtube blogger MiniMarley.

1 Answer

The density of your hair is primarily based on genetics, unless you have a reason to believe that you are losing hair. If you don't recall your hair ever being really thick, then it sounds like you may naturally have finer strands. Everyone is born with about 100,000-150,000 hair follicles. Some people have follicles that produce more than one terminal hair so they literally have more hair strands creating the appearance of fuller hair. Some people have naturally thick strands which also gives the appearance of thick hair, and some people have both. Its nice to admire other people's hair, but its more important to acknowledge the beauty in your own hair. You may never achieve your favorite blogger's hair style because you are two different people. I encourage you to embrace the natural volume of YOUR hair and maintain a hair care regimen and diet that will keep it healthy inside and out.