What can I to keep my hair from getting matted so much?

2 Answers

moisturiser and conditioner 2 to 3x per week !  Also if you spiral twist your hair at night then take out in the morning your hair will look beautiful and matted free ...
curl friendly products are crucial to healthy hair. regular trims every 3 months to avoid split ends that cause breakage and tangles also help. do a proper cleanse at least once a week with a sulfate free shampoo/cleanser and use friction to get in there. sleeping with a pineapple bun on a satin pillow case does help or wrapping hair at night with a head wrap also helps this. make sure you don't go to bed with wet hair. are your products too heavy and coat hair? it's best to hydrate and not lubricate hair. my blog is really helpful with these topics. ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com