I have a hair type 4c, it's an Afro, I want a type 4a or b. how can I do that naturally?

3 Answers

do a twist out n the pick it out
Just to clarify I'm a girl, but I know I cannot change my hair type but I wanted to know how I could make it fall down instead of going up and loosen the curls. right now my hair is just not manageable!  I am done with chemicals ( I just lost all my length due to breakage from relaxing it) natural healthy way to fix it.
To permanently loosen your texture, you need to break the hair's bonds permanently. Now you can use heat. But that will leave you with hair that is bone straight, and there's no telling how much heat you would need to get your desired look. You essentially melt the protein and from my experience, that hair just breaks off, no matter what you do.A more precise route is using chemicals. Another temporary consistent route is perm rodding, or twist out styles, which you would have to re-set EVERY night in order to maintain the look.A free and simple route is to accept the hair you have. Natural hair just laughs at your whims and plans. Learn how to style your hair, without it being looser. I've learned that once I knew what I was doing, my 4c hair was 'easy to manage' and 'not difficult at all'. There is no natural way of doing what you are suggesting. I'm yet to come across one anyway.