How do I get my hair back to the way it was?

So almost a year ago, I decided to try Lush Henna products with my cousin (She's a 4b). We both applied it and slept with it overnight. I washed it out, moisturized it and put it into braids. When my hair dried, I noticed that it didn't have its usual thickness and texture. I took the braids out and my hair was basically blown out straight. For months, I washed my hair hoping that id get my hair back and i scoured the internet for a solution. I finally read that Amla would give me my hair back. I've applied it a couple of times and got it to where a bantu knot out would look DECENT (NOT REALLY). My puff used to be fun and thick now i can't even do that style anymore bc its ugly. I don't know why or how this happened to me and not my cousin but I just want my hair back. I've tried: Shikaikai powderAmla Zizyphus powderRemoving the Henna by Coconut Oil 

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