I have 4a soft fine hair cant get a successful twist out. Any styles or suggestions?HELP!!

2 Answers

My mother has fine hair as well, I think she is type 4a too. She has tried and tried and tried, but twistouts and other no-heat stretching methods don't work for her. They just don't.She lives for wash n' gos. She puts a lot of S-Curl and either Proclaim Activator Gel or Pink Ecostyler Gel in her hair after washing it, putting the combined products on individual small sections and re-wetting the sections with a spray bottle throughout the process. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb through the curls as you're applying the product.My mother also wears her hair in buns. Again, she uses S-Curl and Ecostyler gel. She uses a toothbrush to smooth her edges, otherwise she does most of the smoothing with her hands.
Hi! Our hair sounds similar. I stopped trying to do twistouts. They do not work on my hair. Typically, I will have areas of great definition and areas of lots of fuzz. Most of the twistouts I've done ended up looking like a hot mess. I prefer a rod set. Sine my hair is short I use the small, coral colored, rods. I blow dry my hair really well, then apply my shea/oil/gel mix, twist small sections like you do with bantu knots, and then wrap it around the rod. It's alot of work- I know- but it works. You may have to do something similar with your twistouts. Try blowdrying on the lowest heat setting first, and then applying product and twisting to see if that helps. I have been wearing lots of protective styles (weaves, wigs, and braids mostly; occasionally a set of crochet braids ) so I haven't had to style my hair in quite some time. When my hair is out though, I'll do a frohawk with a pompadour, a 'fro, or a puff. Mostly, I wear wash-n-gos but I have been trying not to because they take a long time to dry. All of the wetness can cause breakage over time. Depending on the length of your hair, you can do a number of different styles that do not require a lot of manipulation. You just have to find them and be willing to take the time to modify them to suit your needs!Hope this helps!