how do I know my hair is taking the products and moisture it needs what signs should I look out for?

I'm basically trying to say that I feel like my hair has stayed the same length for a while and I wanted to know how do I know that my hair is taking in the products and oils I'm giving it what signs should I look out for that it's doing that ? (Something to take into consideration I'm 14 so I'm fairly new at doing my hair by myself I've been doing it by myself since I was about 12 but I think natural hair gurus on YouTube  have helped me a lot like Naptural 85 is a big one. But I have a lot of shrinkage like 75%)

1 Answer

Your hair never completely "stops growing". Your ends may be breaking, or your hair may be continuously growing but due to breakage you aren't seeing any length retention (you aren't seeing your hair keep any length to it). This is a tricky question lol because it isn't just a product thing. It could actually not even be a product thing. First thing's first, you should probably ask yourself:1. Do you wrap your hair at night with a satin scarf or bonnet?2. Do you manipulate your hair too much? - for example: too may sew ins, braids back to back, friction on clothing or pillows, maybe too much twisting out etc --- which leads me to the question:3. Do you have fine strands, medium strands, or thick strands and if you have fine strands, are you being too rough on your hair? -(if a strand of your hair is thinner than a piece of thread they are fine and if they are thicker than the thread they are thick lol) If you have fine strands it's easier to see breakage with working with your hair. 4. Do you have split ends? Now that all that is said and done, and I am so sorry for all this info lol but the question you asked isn't an easy one to answer because it can be any number of reasons why. But if your products are making your hair feel moisturized and your hair isn't thinning or anything I would keep using them. If nothing has stood out negatively or in a bad way from what you use like dry hair or breaking specifically from using what you're using I wouldn't stop. You can switch them up, but first look into your routine and technique to see if it's something there.I hope this helps babygirl! Sorry for the info overload lol. xo