I am looking for products for my 4c hair . I have tried several products such as Hawaiian Silky

I have just tried Shea Moisture and I did not like how it dried my hair out . I want product that will not shrink my hair and will give moisture to my hair.

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Can someone tell me if I have  4c hair?
Most times when my hair is moisturized well, it shrinks (moisture means there's some water in it even if its not "wet" and water causes our hair to shrink), so I don't know that I've used any products for moisture that were anti-shrinkage. If you don't like SheaMoisture (which products have you tried? I personally don't like all of them for my hair) you might want to try Oyin Handmade Hair Dew or if you haven't tried SheaMoisture Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk. You might find you like using more creams, oil and butters to help weigh your hair down or at least they won't add much if any water to your hair. There are a lot of options. I like pure shea butter and Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine. There is jojoba oil and a host of other oils and butters to try. Some people like Jamaican Black Castor oil, but personally I found it to be somewhat drying, especially if you don't want to use a water-based leave in. If you forgo water-based conditioners to avoid the shrinkage they cause, be sure to stay away from any harsh cleansers or other conditioners (you shouldn't need them). Use natural (meaning you could eat it–things to cleanse, like water, Apple Cider Vinegar... banana baby food for conditioner). Massage your scalp daily, but apply the oil or butter to your hair and not your scalp.I hope that helps!