Why am I losing so much hair?

I've been attempting to transition my hair for almost a year now. I'Ve never had a relaxer, but was a frequent flat iron user. However I never had any issues until now and one bad flat ironing session ruined a lot of my curls for good. I've somewhat gotten good at doing a two strand twist out, but I always experience so much hair loss. It's been a long time since I've did one (almost 2-3 weeks) and I was wondering if this could be natural shedding or actual hair breakage. I use Coconut Oil, JBCO for my scalp, whatever leave in conditioner I can find, and argan oil eco styler gel. I just want to know if I should be doing something different in my routine. I want to grow my hair out a lot before i cut it to still use protective styles. I was thinking that maybe I've been having a bad reaction to the Coconut Oil? Any advice is welcome

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