How should I maintain my hair to be more curly?

So I'm a 15 year old black male with type 4 hair. When my hair is wet I take my fingers and spread to like rake my hair and today when using a Jamaican shampoo & conditioner with mango and lime my hair felt like it was twisting. So when I got out of the shower I looked in the mirror to find my hair looking curly and twisted. The bad thing is the top of my hair is thick were you can't see my scalp, the sides and back when my hair was twisted you can see my scalp and kinda looked like I was balding there. How can I get my sides and back to be as thick as the top?  How can I grow it fast as well? And of course how to maintain my hair to be curly? Like what to do before sleep? 

3 Answers

Majority of my life I just piked or roughly comb out my hair.
1. Have tried Massagen your scalp 3-4 x a week with Jamaica black castor oil (or use he oil you prefer)? The message of the scalp with the oil encourage hair growth.2. Faster hair growth...sleep with a satin hair scarf/bonnet, make sure your hare is moisturized, DRINK WATER, try not to touch your hair to much as it leads to breakage (only touch it when necessary). Also try not to roughly  comb your hair to much, or even better don't comb your for the next 6 months and start Finger detangling.2,1 maybe try taken Biotin or HairInfinity it strengthens the hair.3. If you want your hair to stay curly for for the next day, re - twist it the night before.X
I just love , love this all natural gel ... I use it to twist my hair in sections the night before then un- twist in the morning ... it gives hair a really finish touch and increase more curls and volume .