how can I make 4c hair look curly?

2 Answers

That would depend on the pattern your hair grows in and how long it is.  You can TRY a super defined wash and go following one of these methods: wil take skill and practice and if your hair allows you could achieve it.  However for better success, your absolute best bet is a twist-out or a twist-n-curl set.  Type 4 hair can rock a twist out better than ANY other hair type and it does not take great skill.  Use a formulated Twist cream like As I Am's Twist and Define Cream and twist your freshly cleansed and conditioned hair all over.  If you want to take it to the Twist-n-curl, you can add a curl rod to the ends of each twist.  Unravel with a natural oil distributed on your hands and fingertips and fluff with a pick if you desire more volume.  I know, I know sometimes you get tired of twists, but do not grow weary, it is the healthiest and easiest thing for your hair.  Add some sass with a cute pin-up style!
There are a number of different methods. In my opinion, the safest for us 4c gals are the ones without heat. You could use a twist out or braid out to achieve the curly look, but you may have to add more twists/braids than usual. What I do is start out fresh. I deep condition my hair, wash and condition it, use the LOC or LOCO method. I do this all while keeping my hair stretched. I then apply a curling gel, and then braid my hair like I would for a braid out, except I use smaller braids (so when I am done I will have more braids than usual). When It air dries, I take it down like I would a normal braid out, but with less fluffing and then style as needed. To keep this look throughout the week, one can either re braid it as needed or keep it stretched at night via several bands (or similar methods). But fair warning, in the middle of the week it tends to frizz up for me regardless, so I just roll with it and rock a hair curly, half coily hairdo.I hope I helped :)