How can I make my frizzy, coarse hair more defined?

I have 4A hair (with 3c strands in the front) and my hair is so coarse and frizzy. Some strands of my hair will be so soft and fine but the rest of my hair is like a ball of frizz and has easy breakage. I did suffer from heat damage, but I managed to cut it off.  I have pictures of what my hair is typically like texturewise (before I cut it), a picture of some of my strands, and what I really want my hair to grow like

1 Answer

Heavier products (heavier oils and butters) over thicker moisturizers may help control frizz if you do not want to use gels, mousses, etc. More frequent DC's can also help.Have you tried oil rinsing? I've heard many sing its praise for helping with frizz. It may be worth looking into. This site has a lot of frizz fighting recipes and techniques so give them a look over as well!