How do I manage my high density fine strand 4b hair?

My hair has gotten longer and as such my strands have become more delicate. I have noticed recently a bit of breakage with my hair. My ends seem to never stay moisturized. I'll moisturize my hair every few days but my ends always wound up dry and tangled. Now my hair grows extremely fast despite this so I know I'm not having trouble with length retention. It's just I want to stop this as soon as possible. What are some moisturizing routines I could use to ensure I am infusing the maximum amount of moisture in my hair...Or ends specifically?I know it's because my hair has gotten longer (now medium length close to my shoulders)

1 Answer

When was your last professional trim? Many issues such as constant dryness of the ends can be solved by a trim. Although you're retaining length and your hair is growing it may be time for a professional trim. When ends are split or frayed moisture leaks out from the bottom of the open cuticles and the whole moisturizing process goes to waste. Also the longer hair gets it more prone to damage and splits are more visible.