I need an awesome hair regimen that does not involve coconut oil, I am allergic, hair type 4b/c

so when I started my natural journey I like most started with regular products then I realized they were drying out my hair so I went to all natural, especially Cantu I lived by Cantu, key word being lived, this is when I also discovered that I have a huge allergy to coconut products and the things it does to my hands is horrific. So now I am on a struggle journey to find something that loves my hair as much as coconut oil did but loves my skin to so as not to break me our in blisters... I have noticed since discontinuing the coconut oil my hair growth has stopped and my shedding is back. I need some recipes or hair products I can try out to see if it will work well and experiment with to make sure they don't break me out...HELP

1 Answer

I also cannot use coconut ANYTHING... I have struggled for the longest time to figure out why and that is the answer. I rely heavily on water and grapeseed oil. These 2 "products" have helped me to grow my hair, retain length, and keep my hair from being dry. I find that I have to moisturize my hair more often, but my hair and I don't miss curl defining anything. Products just cause me grief and I've had to learn to survived without them. I'm also allergic to Shea Butter. I've found some products I can tolerate - but I only use on special occasions. My day to day is simply water and oil.