I need help on my edges. My natural hair type is 4C and its growing very well but my edges are gone

I practically don't have hair on my edges (front hair) anymore.  I have tried several natural oils and am currently using VIVISCAL medication .  What can I do to my front hair to grow please.

1 Answer

A lot of women suffer from hair loss around the hair line as a result of tight ponytails, braids, extensions and other styles that cause stress and tension. This form or hair loss is called traction alopecia and it is a self-inflicted form of hair loss due to aggressive styling methods. This is also a form of scarring alopecia, meaning if there is repeated trauma to the scalp (hair constantly pulled from the root prematurely) scar tissue will form and hair will not grow back. If you have experienced this hair loss for more than 2 years, the hair is less likely to grow back. The follicles might have completely disappeared. As a result, topical products will continue to be ineffective. I recommend you confirm if you still have active follicles in the area by consulting with a dermatologist or hair loss specialist in your area.