I need help with defining my hair texture a little bit. :)

I think it's 4b but I'm not sure if my hair texture is mixed or not. Which is sad but please help me :) P.S. Does this picture help?

1 Answer

Here are few tips to make your hair less frizzy and to define the curls:1. Use lots of conditioner!!! And don't rinse all of the conditioner out.2. Apply your products to wet hair. I recommend these product lines: Shea Mouisture, Organix, Cantu, Miss Jessie´s and Kinky Curly. Use whatever works for your hair!3. Divide your hair in sections. Apply styling product. Twirl small chunks of hair. Let air dry or diffuse.4. Once it is 100% dry divide the twirls! You should have defined curls!And by the way as your hair gets healthier it turns into its curl pattern, it may get curlier in the future.