How do I prevent my twist from sticking up over my head in the morning?

I have, when strectched, neck length hair. When I twist my hair while it's wet my hair is about to neck almost to my collar bone then it shrinks to about my ear. How do i prevent my twist from sparaticly sticking up when I wake up?

1 Answer

Your hair sound just like mine! I have type 4 hair that touches my collarbone (maybe an inch or so further when stretched out good without heat) and I used to have the same issue. I'd b lookin all fresh the night I did my twists and the next morning have what my mom calls cat ears (twists bent out of shape, sticking up like cat ears @ either side of my head). I had to take a few simple extra steps sfter twisting. I twisted my little twists into about 5-6 big section twists and wrap those around flexi rods. That way, in the morning, I remained fresh to death with nice bouncy, curly twists (mind u, the twist out is bomb after doing this too).WUBR! (Wish U Best Results! )