How do I stop breakage on 4B/C hair? How do I retain length? my hair is very thin and spongey.

Description of hair: spongey, soft, thin, coily, curly in some areas, kinky around the edges, breaks VERY easily, does not grow.                             

2 Answers

Try moisturizing and sealing. Seal with something that is a little heavier than oils to keep you hair moisturized and soft. Your hair is always growing. It's not gonna grow over night. It took me like 4 months to notice I had some new growth lol. Patience is key. Dont forget to detangle your hair when damp and also try not to manipulate your hair so much. I recommend you deep condition , find a good moisturizer AND sealant , acv rinse to clarify, and find things that work for your hair. :)   
I trim my hair often to keep it the same length because length retention is hard for me :/ The only way I can retain length is if I leave my hair alone (which I don't want to do hahaha) If you just notice your ends breaking, then it's time for a trim. After that, it will be much easier to detangle. Also keep your hair moisturized. I use the LOC method I sleep on a satin pillowcase and I detangle my hair in sections only when wet and slathered in conditioner. Hope that helps!