How can I tell if my 4C hair is healthy?

Hello. I am fifth-teen with 4C hair. Before I started to wear my hair with my beautiful mini puff and twist I did straighten it a lot. I always though my hair would look gorgeous only straighten because of things I saw on TV and media. Now I want to show my hair some love. I want to take care of my hair.I was inspired after seeing so many pictures of my hair type and videos. That it help me want to love and take care of my hair.I use shea moisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo and conditioner for my hair along with there smoothie too. I wanted to try the LOC or LCO method for my hair but I have no clue what product would work best. I am hoping someone with my hair type can help me out. If it helps I have shoulder neck/length hair and hope to grow it to waist or hip length.For my hair I would like to create a regimen and master steps to grow long and healthy hair.

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