I used to have the hair3b until I relaxed it now I'm a4c

Ever since I was born I had my hair texture as 3b until my mom gave me the chance to relax it and I said hey! Why not ever since I relaxed my hair I've been stuck in 4c ever since and I'm so heart broken because I've tried every thing!

2 Answers

I don't think you ever were 3b, I see you jumping one patter but not 3...If what is growing is a 4c that is your hair...I don't think there is a way to go back. 
your hair cannot jump patterns and the relaxer did not change your hair texture. You always had type 4 hair you just remember it differently. The same thing happened to me until I realised I had multiple textures but the curls were nowhere near as loose as I thought they were when I was younger