How often should I wash my hair?

I believe I figured out my hair type  I think its 4A with a mixture of 4B.However , My scalp sucks up oil, my hair sucks up water, and it breaks a lot. I started only washing my hair twice a month now. Also I am going to deep treat it every week because I really need the moisture. I'm just not sure what I am doing wrong. I need some help.

4 Answers

I guess you need to wash your hair twice weekly. It's more hygienic. Do hair treatment once weekly.
since you have type four hair in my opinion once or twice a month. Because your hair type needs all the natural oils and moisture it needs and only washing it too often will strip those important things away. But you can prepoo every week deep condition aswell and if scalp gets itchy try peppermint oil or tree oil. I use tree oil. But if you wash your hair a lot you'll be usig a lot of hair no in my opinion you're doing it right. Try getting a spray bottle nix it with your fav oils and spray your hair every morning and night to keep it moisturied not to the point its dripping but a little damp. After you wash or prepoo hair always deep condition and use heavy leave in products. I also rexormmend when you moisturize and oil your hair braid or twist it to lock in all that good stuffand if your hair breaks a lot I think you need to do a protien treatment do this once or twice a month it will strenthen your hair and try to take hair vitamin pills for healthier stronger hair or start eating healthier or do more research on your hair products cause sometimes that could be the case. Alwaaaays keep scalp oiled : DAnd that shrinkage is real hunnty!
There are two options, the first one is the most important. You need to wash it when you feel it is extremely dirty!! You should probably wash it 1-2 times a week in your case, you need to leave your body's natural oils to set. Also, you should try growing your hair! It'll take you 2-3 years MAX. Try doing a hot oil treatment too, that is so healthy for your hair. JUST DON'T BRUSH WHEN DRY. Goodluck! x
When I had my last perm I noticed that I had thinning edges till I returned natural again. I noticed my edges growing but not much then I started to wrap my head up at night and that helped a lot then I found CASTOR OIL I seen a huge difference in my hair and edges overall I really recommend this oil. and keep brushes away from edges and from hair period. Also keep edges moisturized and protected. Remoisturize ur hair every two to three days. Make sure when you protective style the style isn't too tight on edges. Use shea butter I use Cantu shea butter but I'm thinking about making my own and just buy some raw shea butter. Its good for kinky type hair. You should do some research on shea butter and it shea butter mixes. I dont think too much about s shrinkage cause when I straighten my hair like once in the blue moon I'm shocked and amazed on how much my hair has grown and when I go out other people are shocked too. And always keep your hair streched. Its okay to wear it in its natural state but too much it causes fairly knots and and breakage you don't want