I'm really confused. I don't what moisturizer I should use when I'm not washing my hair.

I've tried everything. Just water, Oil and water, just Oil, Leave-in conditioner with Oil and water. That didn't work. I need some help because I'm really confused and sick and tired of dryness. I need help!

3 Answers

Coconut oil and Shea Moisture Hold and Shine Moisture Mist are my regular moisturizers. The moisture mist works for hairstyles that you'd usually spray/mist with water, because once water dries it tends to dry your hair right along with it. The moisture mist is infused with oils and other natural ingredients, so it keeps the moisture in your hair and doesn't dry your hair out. It's also anti-frizz, unlike water, which can cause frizz.Coconut oil penetrates the hair, resulting in lasting moisture and shine.
I'm not a big fan of leave-in conditioner. I use it for my twist-outs/braid-outs if I've run out of Smooth n' Hold pudding. Cantu leave-in conditioner is the best (and it's cheap). Leave-in conditioners in general tend to flake, though, which is not good for me because sometimes the gel I apply to my hairline gets a bit mixed in with the rest of the products I put in my hair.
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is really moisturizing. I haven't found anything that rivals it. I also like Oyin Homemade Hair Dew and for oil Jane Carter Nourish and Shine keeps hair soft and shiny. I also find that I can't use regular shampoos or even some cleansing creams, because it makes it worse. I like the moisturizing shampoo bars by chagrin valley or just co-wash. You may need to add a bit of water and moisturizer to your hair every day to keep it moisturized -- that's okay, but its a bit frustrating to me that I have to do that. You should at least be able to find something that holds in moisture for about 24hrs, though. Don't give up! I get tired of the dryness too :( I hope you find what works for you.