im not sure of my hair type

My hair is extremly dry I just did the big chop and after every wash condition and deep condition my hair loooks like dry frizzy hair and slightly curly some parts at the rootsbut when I shingle my hair is an easy 4a curl. Can I achieve those curls with out the 3 hour shingling or is my hair just 4c. Is there a product I can try, is my hair maybe too short to hold a curl ?

2 Answers

try the hair type quiz?
Hi KJanae, You should know that to accurately determine your hair type, you should look at it in it's natural state without any products or manipulation to alter it. That can help you determine exactly what your hair type is. Then take our quiz: Your hair isn't too short for products, I would check out our editor Priscilla's favorites in our product section: Hope that helps!