Is my hair type 4a? Help?

So I'm growing my perm out and I'm starting to notice that I have super curly hair, its pretty awesome but, I'm curious because I haven't had curly hair since I was a little girl and never paid any attention to it. Is my hair 4a? It frizzes pretty bad but even when it does I can see a curl pattern . Its looser toward the front also.

2 Answers

There's a quiz you can take to determine your curl pattern >> Curl Pattern Quizultimately you know your hair more than I can see it in a picture, so take the quiz and see what you get! Keep in mind it's possible to have multiple curl patterns! hope that helps! 
Do you still have your perm ends because the weight can make your curl patten look different after you cut all the perm ends off. With curly hair you will always have a problem with frizz, knowing what products to use in your hair and not touching your hair often will help control your frizz.