I’ve dry type 4 hair: in a hot climate, what can I do to keep my hair moisturized?

I have type 4 hair: loose curls, sort of wavy at the back, some Z coils in the middle and large and small coils/curls everywhere else. My hair often feels dry though I try to keep hydrated (internally and externally). The truth is, though I know I fit in the type 4 category, i am as confused as my curls, as I can’t clearly define what they are. I know moisture helps, so in a hot climate, what can I do to keep my hair moisturized?

2 Answers

Not all 4c textures lack definition. 4c can have curl definition. If your concern is moisture, then you may have to switch deep conditioners and moisturizers or leave-in conditioners. If you want to maintain the curl definition from your hair being wet (not create curl definition), then you may want to consider styling creams. Remember that Type 4 hair is naturally frizzy so I would not expect for my hair to be perfectly defined.
Many people have multiple hair textures (often the back of the head is coarser/curlier). Type 4 hair does need extra moisture, and living in a dry climate just heightens the need for products that help the hair retain moisture. You may wish to try Especially Hair's Moisture Foundation. It's  super concentrated, allowing hair to retain moisture for multiple days.