I've been having breakage, but getting extreme trims.

So my hair was (or is...I don't know) damaged and I have been trimming it. Sometimes only 2 days apart. However, the breakage is still there. Even when I moisture, it seems ONLY when I moisture, not when I touch my hair, it breaks. I have no ideas on what to do. I have been doing protein treatments every wash but it's not getting better (well, I have seen some fewer hair pieces in the shower). What do I do? Am I using the wrong moisturizing products?Any suggestions? I just don't want anything with argan oil. My hair HATES argan oil. Everything and anything that has argan oil in it never works with my haiir.

2 Answers

Do you perform protein treatments? It could be you hair need to replenish its protein in the shaft. Does you hair feel dry even after you moisturize? I know for my hair when it was breaking once I did a few protein treatments it became much stronger and breakage is now minimal.
I do DIY treatments. Are the DIYs better than product or vice verse? It does kind of. It's weird. My hair will feel MORE brittle and dry after the trims.It is getting stronger, but it's still breaking even though I finger detangle after 2 days.