How do you maintain a moisturized wash and go?

How long exactly is a wash and go supposed to stay moisturized? cause I feel like mine only last with moisture for 2 days ( I deep condition and do LOC/LCO) then it feels more dry again. I spritz with water and aloe juice and rub some more jojoba oil in morning and night but it still seems dry? Should be adding cream to it every day? I get nervous trying to re-moisturize cause it disturbs the curls and gets all frizzy and how can i retrain optimal moisture without my hair losing its definition? Scared my hair will break off if this continues

1 Answer

It first depends on your hair. Some people needs to moisturize their hair more often than others. For example me, I can last a whole week with a wash and go without having to put products on it to moisturize again. What's your hair's porosity? Also, the kind of products do you use for your wash and go can determine how long your wash and go can last.