Moisturising & Sealing?

I am currently transitioning with type 4a or 4b hair that is medium thickness, high density, and low porosity. I spray my hair with water then I use the LOC method everyday but the next day my hair doesn't feel very moisturized. I sleep in a silk hair cap with my leave out in two strand twists. The products I use are: L- Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream O- Organics EVOO Serum C- ORS Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion Should I change to different products?

1 Answer

U should definitely try less water spritzing. The water is good 4 ur hair to a point. U dont really want to use 2 much water cuz boooy when it dries... well I learned that the hard way, literally - my hair was more hard and crunchy than any kind of moisturized. I lessened,  not ceased, my water spritzing, and mostly used it mixed with coconut oil or another oil.  Also, I focused on using more liquidy (water based) leave in sprays for that part of the job to alternate, and used thick, creamy butter leave ins and sealing oils like castor in conjunction.  Might also help to mix ur water with glycerin and a bit of coconut oil for spritzing, but ALWAYS follow up with a nice thick sealing oil. :)