My 4a hair knots really quickly so I have to detangle often or face it's wrath- what should I do?

4 Answers

Are you using a leave-in conditioner and sleeping on satin? That can help prevent knots.
I'm not sleeping on satin, but yes I use leave-in.
Where do you get your knots?I have primarily 4A hair as well and whenever my hair was out (which was never more than 3 weeks) I would wear it in a wash-n-go (I have a TWA). I didn't think I had any knots at all until I tried to blow dry it. Then I would see all of the knots in my ends. Little did I know how damaging that was. Now I know better so I am doing better. I keep my hair stretched. I prefer shrunken hair, but stretching it prevents knots for me. Try sleeping on satin and keeping your hair stretched more, if you are not doing this already. My preferred method is to blow dry it using the tension method until its 90% dry and then use a comb, denmen, or comb attachment to straighten my ends really well. Seems to be working so far.
During washes, wash your hair in sections. Continuously keeping it taught, not allowing it to shrink up as much. Keep it in twists or braids, or even just a clip will work. Allow it to dry STRETCHED will keep it from tangling as much. It works for me very well