my daughters 4c hair ALWAYS looks dry, no matter what!

No matter what I use to moisturize, it always seems to look very dry, almost ashy. her hair looks and behaves like the video I attached...any suggestions on a good moisturized/method....maybe this is porosity? help! lol

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my hair is always dry too! it' sooooo annoying!
I can't see the video :(Have you tried butters? 
I know exactly how you feel, but its okay.. i believe  that 4a , 4b, 4c hair is just naturally dry. Just keep on moisterizing and it will be fine :)
does it look dry or feel dry that's the major difference. With coily hair it is so many angle that light can't bounce off our hair and make it appears to be dry when it is well moisturise. If it is dry try the LOC METHOD  where you out liquid (in the form of water or leave in conditioner, oils of your choice and a cream or sealent 
Type 4 hair tends to lack moisture by nature. But thankfully there are an ABUNDANCE of articles & products to try that you might find helpful.articles for coilies like yourself: that are known to add moisture to coily hair that everyone seems to love:
Do try adding some water first with a spray bottle to dampen the hair just a bit before using a moisturizer whose first ingredient is water. It's good, if the hairstyle she's wearing permits, to moisturize everyday. Then seal in moisture with oil or butter. Plain shea butter is good. Just a nickel size amount should do depending on the length of her hair or Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine. My favorite moisturizing products for 4C hair are III Sisters of Nature Cleansing Co-Wash (really good stuff!) and SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.I hope that helps!
Are you sealing in the moisture? Moisture is a Natural girl BFFL if you are adding in moisture through a leave in conditioner or other products and NOT sealing. Then this will leave the hair dry eventually the moisture is not staying in her hair . Use Oils like castor oil , coconut oil , Jojoba oil in a mix or Butters like Shea, Avacado, Cupuacu to seal in the moisture after application . Two of my favorite leave in is 1) Kinky curly Knot today and 2) Eden Body work Shea coconut leave in . If anyone has troubles with hair and you have found me to be informative Please Email me i will respond quickly at [email protected] XOXO