My hair won't retain moisture...any tips?

I've been natural for about 4 months now. I did the big chop in December and things seemed to be fine as far as my hair growing. Now that it is slightly longer, it tangles, feels tough, and I have a hard time keeping it moisturized. It also seems to have stopped growing... Is there something I can do about it? I'm also guessing that my hair type is somewhere around 4b or 4c

2 Answers

Hard to say without knowing what your hair care routine is, but my suggestion would be to change it up, whatever it is.... Deep treatments are key, if you aren't already doing them, you should definitely try it... and if you already are, try doing them more frequently. Congrats on your BC and going natural! It takes a while for some of us to figure out what works best for our hair but keep at it, it's worth it! :)
Woot! Congrats on your big chop :) Hmmm without knowing what you've *been* doing to keep it moisturized, I can't really suggest anything specific, but have you tried the LOC method? Leave In/Liquid + Oil + Cream. I used to just use a leave in then a styler (cream) then seal it all with oil for YEARS but now that my hair is bleached, my hair just wasn't staying moisturized. once i flipped those two steps, my hair went right back to normal. Give it a try?