OMG HELP PLEASE?? Something really STRANGE has happened to my hair and I don't know how to fix this?

So last weekend, we went out of town to Tampa. I never wear my hair down but last weekend I decided to just let it free. I used Blue Magic Organics on my scalp and then I used Eco styler on my hair. I had nice springy curls all weekend. Monday, I co washed and used jojoba oil and instantly, my hair felt as if my moisturizer wasn't penetrating. My hair feels hard and almost no curl pattern is there. What on earth did I do wrong? Please HELP?!! 

2 Answers

my hair felt very soft and deeply moisturized over the weekend but yesterday and today it has been severely dry looking and it feels weird...almost as if it's coated with WAX?!! That's the best way that I can describe this. I'm in a panic here...
The petrolatum is causing the coated, waxy feel. Check out this article