What products would be best for me to use?

I have thick 4b hair that I recently discovered is low porosity. It's between APL & BSL length. I've been neglecting it, which I regret because my hair had grown past BSL length, but due to my neglect has had a length setback. Plus it's dry and gets stiff when I try wash n gos. What products do you suggest (such as leave ins, gels, moisturizers, etc) in order to get me on the road to moisturized, healthy, bouncy curls? I don't have a problem getting curl definition when I put products in it, it's just the dry stiffness and overall mediocre health that I'm sick of.

1 Answer

Of course at the end of the day it would all depend on what works for your hair but a couple of pretty good products for dense, low porosity hair I've heard are:-SheaMoisture's JBCO line (I've heard some people don't like the smell, but say the line works wonders, but it is kind of heavy due to the JBCO.)-Kinky Curly Knot Today (I've heard this works across the board for all kinds of curlies!)-Flaxseed/Aloe Vera Gel (These are some good alternatives to ecostyler, I've used aloe vera gel myself and I have low porosity 3c/4a hair.)-SheaMoisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie (This is another one across the board people love. It doesn't have an exact purpose, so you could use it as a definer, moisturizer, C in your LCO/LOC method, just what works for you.)-Trader Joes Line (This one is pretty good and has good reviews. I hear it's pretty cheap too!)-Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (This is a GREAT, cheap deep conditioner! Legit less than $3 almost everywhere.)These are just a start of course. I'm sure something here may work for you! However, keep in mind no matter what, the thing that DELIVERS moisture is WATER :). Make sure to seal with an oil or cream as well. These things can give moisture, but it can vanish just as fast as it came if you don't seal! Also since your hair is low porosity, try warming up your conditioner/leave in! It makes a big difference and penetrates the hair instead of just "sitting" on your hair! Also try protective styling to start regaining your length. Since it's long it may be rubbing against your clothes and breaking off as well.Good Luck!