How to retain moisture without using a lot of product and Water seems to dry it out quickly

I don't like to use a lot of product in my hair. Is there one good product or suggestion to retain moisture. I would put oil in water and spray my hair but it doesn't help.

2 Answers

I literally had the same problem. If you have hair like mine (4b/4c) then moisture is always needed but we dont exactly know how to keep it in there. But I learned that in order for that moisture to stay you must seal it. Now most ladies with looser curls seal with light oils and things of that nature. In our case, we need something a little on the heavier side. So i recommend a butter. You don't need 10 products to add moisture in your hair. Water alone is the best moisturizer. Now you just need something to lock that moisture in. So basically what I do is spray my hair witth water (or you can use a leave in conditioner) and seal with something like shea butter or a heavy oil. This might be a natural hair "No no" but I find this to work perfectly on my kinky textured hair. But I sometimes use products that contain Petrolatum. It is a great sealant. Looser textured curls might feel weighed down but it works well on my hair.
Try using shea butter.  I have raw shea butter that I mixed with some of my favorite oils to soften it and make it easier to use and I distribute it throughout my hair and my hair stay moisturized at LEAST all day.  It will look healthy, thick, shiny etc.  Do still use water or a leave in conditioner (but I have found most leave in's don't do much for me) then apply the shea butter.