Second opinion about my hair type please!

So I'm pretty sure I'm a 4C, but I always need clarification. The pictures in the blue are from November and I use to straighten my hair like once a month. The picture with the green shirt is from two weeks ago after a twist out. My hair is coarse, withstands very high heat, and high porosity. I do not have any heat damage, but I do need a trim. Visually, it hasn't changed much since I stopped straightening it. The more I'm writing, I'm starting to think I'm right. Any other thoughts would be great!Sorry for the scratched out photos. I try to be cautious about my photos being online and on social media.

1 Answer

Your hair actually seems to be a mix of the 4 types. You have some bigger curls on your head that I can see (picture one), that are a bit too wide to be 4C. Your hair looks 4a/b/c. Most curlies have multiple curl types on their head, so it's not a surprise. But it definitely falls in the coily range, and you have a beautiful head of hair.Good Luck!