How to get shiny less frizzy hair

when my hair is wet and drying(wash n go) my hair is a little frizzy but when it dries it is really frizzy and loses all shine. 

2 Answers

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Hello AnneCuthers,frizz is simply caused by dehydration of the hair. It's your hair's cry for moisture. The first thing to do is eliminate all shampoos that are not natural (if you have any). They contain sulphates and parabens that will strip your hair of its natural oils, and cause damage. Secondly, because our hair is not straight, our natural oils will need assistance working its way down that hair shaft. So what is needed is an effective moisturizer that will penetrate that hair shaft. Finally, deep condition regularly, I would say once a week if your hair dries out easily. I love using hot oil treatments for my hair, and at other times some Mayonnaise with Avocado Oil whipped in, for a rich deep condition. I hope this helps :)