Why is it soo dry???

ok, so a little over four months after my big chop, I've been enjoying wearing my hair out without a protective style. I figured that I could use this time to learn more about my hair before I throw in some twist. I have completely given up on trying to decide my hair type although I know it type 4. But my dilemma is that it is super dry and I've become  a product junkie desperately trying to figure out how to soften and moisturize my hair, I'm also dealing with breakage that I'm not taking too kindly to. I've trimmed and used the LOC method but I still find little straight ends that are so annoying. Is it damaged already? What am I doing wrong?  All I want is healthy hair and I fear that if I don't figure something out then I'll be stuck in the twa stage for the next four years. 

4 Answers

Hi,Your hair could have become dry because you might used chemicals for your hair and exposure to too much of heat. Oil your hair twice or thrice a week and go in for home packs
The straight ends are the remaining relaxed portions. What products are you using, how are you styling it, and how are you sleeping on it?
I think your hair needs more moisture than the Hello Hydration conditioner can offer! I would recommend the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey shampoo and conditioner. It is their most hydrating line! I'm not sure which of their deep conditioners you are using but the Raw Shea Butter one creates dryness for a lot of people. I would recommend the SM Superfruit 10in 1 maybe. If you hair like coconut oil you can add that to your deep conditioner as well but if it makes it dryer stop using it b/c it can have that effect for some people with sensitivity to protein. As for the Dark and Lovely products I looked at 3 different ones that all had things in them that could be contributing to dryness like Isopropyl Alcohol; a thickening agent that would add thickness with a clay; and one with 3 silicones which can keep seal your hair in a way that can keep moisture out!!! Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave in is a good option to try. Hope that helps.
Have you considered trying the max hydration method? It's time consuming but it's specifically created for type 4's. Most don't have the time to dedicate to it and you really have to read up on it and only use the approved products recommended by the creator but if you google it and look at the before and afters as well as the videos by msdeekay and pinke cube, you will be impressed. Check it out.