Styles for my 4c hair????

I have 4c hair. I've been natural for 8 months now and my hair is 4 inches long. I just wanted to have styles ready that could help me last a week or so, or have defininition, or help battle shrinkage. Thank you all so much (:

1 Answer

Mini twists clipped back? They don't have to be too mini. That style lasts a while.You could do a puff with some old tights. Cut a strip and use that to pull your hair back into a puff.With that same puff, you could do what I call a wreath bun. Part the puff into two and twist it into little twists, my be 8 each side. then pin the twists down all around the bandto look like a bun.There's the ususal braid out and twist out, which, when I was all natural lasted about 3 days on me. Those are actually easy to keep up for a week. If you usually braid your hair at night anyway, re-setting the hair with a spritz of water and re-twisting or braiding should be similar. You don'thave to re-braid or twist in small sections, bigger sections should be alright. Same goes for the bantu knot out.If you can comb your hair back and clip it, maybe add a quiff at the top. When my hair was too short to do that, I split the back section into with 2 thin hair ties, one on top of the other. That made it easy to group my hair into one place and clip using a hair claw.Or, a combed out stye with a hair band. Hasn't failed me yet.If you're a good braider or flat twister then maybe experiment with braids or twists going down the side of your head? Crown braids are good to, but they ususally have to be re-done in the morning, after being slept on.I some times search 'easy protective styles' or 'quick style for short natural hair' on YouTube for inspiration.I'm no expert, but I hope you find something to suit you!