How can you tell the difference between hair breakage and 'normal' shed?

I've gone from losing handfuls of hair on wash day  to losing only half a palm's worth through a step I call 'pre-conditioning' (before pre-poo with oils, I add enough cheap conditioner to de-tangle, part my hair into my planned style, and braid or twist loose at top and tighter at bottom, rinse with warm water. I keep my hair in these braids pretty much my entire wash day). BUT, even though much less hair is lost, I'm still worried whether what I'm losing is breakage.  Apologies for the gross picture, (please don't share/ publish!) but are those short strands (my entire hair loss for wash day) a problem?

1 Answer

Hi, look at the end of your hairs and look if you see a white-ish bulb to most of them, if yes then it's normal shedding if not it might be breakage or some kind of hair loss. Also broken hair is shorter than shed hair. And don't forget  that it's normal to shed around 100 hair per day and because you rarely detangle/comb/brush coily/curly hair everyday and the shed hair don't necessarily fall immediately it end up appearing like a lot of hair when it's just the normal amount accumulated. If you still worry about it it might be a good idea to go see a dermatologist/trichologist.