Transitioning; How do i make my 4 Type hair look good?

I cut all my permed ends except for my bangs, in March 2016. My curls only fully come out when they are wet, like SOAKING wet. I really hate my 4c hair when it is dry because I think it just looks too dry and ugly. But when it is wet it looks O.K. What products do I have to use? Also, how do I know my hair is growing? It looks exactly the same length since March. It is now July. Do you have any tips of how I should maintain my hair? At the moment I use all Cantu Natural Hair products & others:Cantu Leave In ConditionerCantu Define & Shine CustardCantu Moisture SprayCantu Gel Seal ECO GelPalmer's Coconut Oil PuddingAnd Pure coconut oil. (Forgot the brand)Pictures:1st pic- My healthy hair (June 2015)2nd pic- My hair after it got thin and damaged because I kept my braids in too long (August 2015)3rd pic- my hair after I cut it and put perm rods in (March 2016)4th pic- my hair with perm rods (May 2016)5th pic-my hair completely natural and put into two buns with Cantu products in. (June 2016)*btw, I didn't like my hair out because it was so short, so I just did perm rods ever single week smh. This was before I started to take my natural hair seriously. I only used to use oil & Palmer's Coconut puddong

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