What type of products to use on 4c hair

what can use to grow 4c hair

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Patience - It's possible to have super long 4c hair but it does take the most work. Healthy hair grows, so focus on maintaining healthy hair and long hair will come.Hands - When you detangle try to use you fingers as much as possible. It's common not to see hair growth when you over manipulate your hair with tools like combs, brushes, etc.Try to create a routine - Come up with something consistent that always includes Moisture moisture moisture. Shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, moisturizing, sealing with oil. These basic things will help.Make sure youre protecting your hair -  4c hair is sooooo delicate. It's the most delicate curl pattern because of all the curves and bends in the hair. Make sure youre wrapping your hair with a silk scarf or sleeping on a silk pillow case.Dont forget to protective style - It's okay to give your hair a break sometimes. With proper care - box braids, goddess braids, twists, faux dreads (what Im sporting right now even though im not 4c lol), sew ins, etc - can help because you're tucking the hair away.YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT - Stay healthy. Eat as healthy as possible. Try to intake your weight in ounces when you drink water. You are exactly what you eat and it will show through your hair. If you feel like you dont get all of the nutrients vitamins and minerals you need, take a hair vitamin.Try the LOCO method - Leave in conditioner, light oil (i.e. grapeseed oil), cream styler, heavy oil (castor oil)Castor oil/ Hot oil Treatments - These can help any hair texture grow but especially 4c because its harder for the natural oil in your hair to make it to your ends.Learn More About Your Hair And Dont Focus On Your Curl Pattern - Although with 4c hair, it is essential to know your curl pattern - it is still NOT the most important part of your hair. It is NOT the only guide to use to take care of your hair because so many other things affect how it will grow, fall out, and take to products. Don't get caught up in just having 4c hair. Learn your porosity, density, and strand width. Click this to learn more about LOIS system and what hair texture you have.Click this to learn about your porosity, density, length, and strand width.Click this for a list of great products to use for your LOCO.i hope this helps love! xo