Wash and go looks stiff??

I attached a picture of my wash and go when wet and then when fully dry. I take time to do the 'loc' method and others that are popular amongst 'defining your curls' but I don't like how once it dries it looks kind of matted together like one solid unit, versus the curls being separated and able to move around a little more, not to mention not shiny

1 Answer

Hey fellow 4a natural! I can relate! Believe me, the elongation from the weight will come as your hair grows/as you retain more length. Also, check out the A Wash and Go Tutorial Like You've Never Seen Before article. Speaking from experiencing, I think the key to a successful wash and go for Type 4 hair is all in the technique. I use shingling, not Natalie's technique but maybe it will work for you. Let me know how it goes!