How to have a wash and go that's not stiff?

My hair is type 4a with a little 4c and 3c, and I've been trying to master my wash and go but the style always ends up stiff with no movement. I'm a new natural but I transitioned for 2 years so I'm not sure if this is normal for type 4 hair. When I do twist outs and braid outs I have plenty of movement but not so much when I attempt my wash and gos. I've tried so many methods too, I've used a blow dryer and air dried, pineappled overnight as well...but my hair still is very stiff. Is this just how type 4 hair is in its natural state?

1 Answer

Wash and gos are difficult 4 me too. I have 4c hair and while my twist or braid outs also turn out gr8 and flowing when I moisturize correctly and use flexirods to stretch them at night, I only attempted a wash a go a few times. I was, however, successful when I tried the wash and go after freshly taking out my twists. I used Dark and Lovely Au Natural Curl Defining Creme glaze, and castor oil to seal my ends when i did my twists. If my twist out was super defined ( and usually was when i used these products ) the wash and go would look good and Id still have a good curl pattern. If that doesnt work 4 u, u can also try retwisting your twist out curls into about 6 big sections and wash in those twists. Hope em it works! Good luck :)