Is there any way to get rid of 4C hair??

I am a guy with 4V hair texture and I really hate it and I was wondering if there is any way to get rid of it possible change my hair texture to at least 4A because I am sick of dealing with this mess on my heas

3 Answers

There isn't really a way to "get rid" of it. You COULD get a texturizer but texturizers only break the bonds between the hair and kind of "elongate" the curl. But it won't loosen it to 4A, or loosen it to any other texture for that matter. Your hair grows out of your head that way by genetics, and it more than likely always will.There are multiple styling products and moisturizing products that can define, soften, elongate, and do many other your things for your curls, however. Your hair is only "a mess" because there must be some kind of improper care going on. You should look into some videos about taking care of 4C hair, as calling it "a mess" may offend some people. There are people with beautiful 4C hair, short and long. But to answer your original question, no, you can't get rid of your 4C hair but you could try a texturizer or S-Curl or something. However, these may cause damage and you'll just end up with more of a "mess" than you began with.Good Luck!
well.. if you're really considering changing the texture of your hair the quick way is to chemically process it. I.e perm, relaxer, texturizer, etc (all the same, basically)
Your best bet is to try products until you find one that makes your hair softer and more manageable which changes hair texture without using chemicals. Micmas Remix works wonders for my hair and has made it much more manageable and soft. I buy it online but shipping is free which is a plus. Everybody's hair is different so you have to experiment. Which is why I highly suggest trying MicMas Remix because they only use organic and natural ingredients. My hair is very thick and coarse but when I use Micmas Remix my texture becomes much softer, with a looser wave pattern and is healthier. Everyone I know that uses it says the same thing using Micmas. Maybe you should check it out if you want to avoid putting chemicals in your hair. We all noticed a difference after the first use and it just keeps getting better with continued use.