What to do when your in the In-Between Stage?

I've been growing my hair from a big big chop for over a year now. I'm tired of doing wash n go's, puffs give me a headache and all the hair being pulled to the top makes my head feel heavy lol. I've failed at doing twist outs because I don't feel they look right since my hair is still short. Also my hair is layered from when I did a trim two months ago. So now what? Any recommendations ladies?

2 Answers

I'm not sure what to suggest, because your hair looks beautiful in this picture! :) I was a big fan of headbands (still am, actually). I would also do a twist on each side and use a pretty clip in each one. My favourite were little silk roses glued on the end of a bobby pin. Hope this helps!
The back of my hair is looser than the rest and it gives me a little mullet sometimes, so I just pin it in its place. So if you don't like twist outs, maybe just pin the pieces that are hanging weird until you like how it looks. Apart from cutting your hair to be even, I don't think there's anything you can "do" to avoid the awkward stage. Your hair looks VERY moisturized and healthy!