whats a simple hair care routine that i can use?

i just cant focus on what to do with my hair. it is short and 3c/4a/4b.

2 Answers

The most simple monthly regimen would be similar to the one detailed below. Our hair seems similar and this is a variation of the regimen I follow. Remember to keep it simple only giving your hair what it needs. 1)Moisturize and seal each day or every few days2)cleanse, DC, (finger) detangle, stretch/(protective) style weekly3)Protein (Henna) bi-weekly or Monthly4) Clarify monthly or as needed depending on product usage 4) Trim 6-8 weeks or only as needed
These 2 articles might help you out.. they get straight to the point on easy routines for curly/coily hair.Wash Day Routine for Lazy NaturalsAll You Need Are These 5 Products