Why won't my hair grow I'm confused

I've stop perming my hair over a year ago and I've tried to be patient but I'm getting really annoyed. My hair will  not grow, I've been deep conditioning, protein treatment, leave-in conditioning. I always have my hair in kinky twist, like I have them in for a month or 2 take them out for a few day then I put them back in. Can they be breaking out my hair? Like when I didn't take care of my hair it grew but now it doesnt want to.

2 Answers

Could it be that you just don't realize your hair is growing now because of the amount shrinkage it has? There's also a possibility that could be breaking off your hair. Try not doing them for a while a see if you notice any difference! Good luck! :)
I think its the kinky twist but I dont know any other protective styles that would look good on me